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Club News

ETMGDC October Meeting Minutes:

The meeting was held at O’Charley’s Restaurant in Morristown, Oct 5, 2017

It was convened at 7:12pm by the Vice President Alan Birdsall with 10 members and 2 guests present.

The Treasurer’s Report: Eddie Ballard reported a balance of $882.82 on deposit and $129.95 in the flower fund.

Old Business:
Alan Birdsall gave an After Action Report for the Morristown EAA Fly–In and Cruise-in, an impromptu club event. If you have any pictures of this or any other club event, please e-mail them and a caption to Mark Bourne at: mgble@yahoo.com so he can post them on the Website.
Eddie Ballard made a motion to abolish the flower fund and role it into the general fund for ease of bookkeeping. The motion was seconded and passed.

Upcoming Events:

The Seventh Annual "October in Townsend" BritishV8 Fall Gathering is in Townsend, TN at the Talley Ho Inn - Oct. 5-8, 2017. Point of Contact is Jim Watson at spridget@charter.net

Nashville Brit. Car Club Car Show - at TN Baptist Children's Home 1310 Franklin Road in Brentwood - October 14th.

The Kingsport Club’s Fall Color Tour will be October 28th. Members are to assemble at the the Burger King in Rogersville, TN so they can leave at 10 am.

Annual SBCC Chattanooga Choo Choo Show, October 26-29, 2017.

New Business from the floor: Prior to the vote on the Flower Fund, the members present tasked the Executive Board with developing new written guidelines for when the club will and will not buy flowers.

Meeting adjourned at 7:21 pm.

Morristown EAA Fly–In and Cruise-in Pics

ETMGDC September Meeting Minutes

The meeting was held at O’Charley’s Restaurant in Morristown, on Sept.
It was convened at 7:15 PM by the president Jim Stepp with 8 members present.

Treasurer Jolean Ballard reports $882.82 on deposit and $121.95 in flower fund.

Old Business: After action report on The Total Eclipse of the Sun Run Hosted by the Blount British Car club. Thank you Jim Watson for setting it up and Bob Doherty for hosting this gathering of members from at least five clubs.

Next years Car Show was discussed.

Upcoming events discussed included:

Shoals British Car Club show at Joe Wheeler State Park Rogersville, AL September 8-9 http://shoalsbritishcars.org/default_files/Page329.htm

An Autocross time trial to be held at the old Sam’s Club parking lot north west corner of Interstate 81 exit 63 at Kingsport, TN. 16 Sept. at 10 am

The 39th annual Allandale Car Show. Sunday, September 17 to honor Kingsport's 100th year. Show flyer - http://kingsport100.org/event/allandale-car-show/

The 23rd Annual Nashville British Car Club Car Show will be held this year at the Tennessee Baptist Children's Home at 1310 Franklin Road in Brentwood due to the renovations at Centennial Park. October 14th.

Member lead rides were discussed but none were scheduled.

It was suggested that the Flower Fund be dissolved and incorporated into the general fund for ease of record keeping. A motion to that effect will be made at the next meeting.

The meeting adjourned about 7:45 PM



Grainger County Tour Update

We will meet at Veterans’ Overlook near the top of Clinch Mountain at 9am Sat. 22 July 2017 for the Grainger County Tour and drive to the Birdsall’s home for a cookout. Please RSVP janebirdsall@nokia.com if you plan on attending.

Paper maps with this route will be given for each car before we start out. It’s a 1 1/2 hr drive from Veterans’ Overlook to their house, not counting stops. This tour will mostly avoid main roads instead circumnavigating the county on secondary and back roads.

The county is generally located between two rivers; the Holston River (Cherokee Lake) on the south and the Clinch River (Norris Lake) on the north. The county is split by its most dominant geological feature, Clinch Mountain, an erosion resistant sandstone ridge standing about 1,300 feet above adjacent valley floors.

Here is a link to an online topographic map of the county so one can follow these directions on the map:

Load the map, then zoom in with the + sign or the wheel of your mouse. Once you have zoomed in, slide the map around holding down the left mouse button to show the southern most part of the east boundary which is the US25E bridge from Morristown.

For those of you coming from Morristown, as you cross the bridge over Cherokee Lake you are on part of the Dixie Highway, one of the named interstate roads that predated the US Route system of 1925. After you cross the lake you will pass Lakeshore Drive (State Route 375) on your left. That intersection is the end point of the tour for cars heading north after the cookout.

This is Bean Station, the county’s oldest community. Soon you pass under an interchange where US11W joins briefly with US25E. US11 is one of the main north-south roads running from the Canadian boarder to the Gulf Coast and the main road through Grainger County. The segment through Grainger County is one of the oldest roads in the Southeast, having been built in the early years of the country as part of the “Great Wilderness Road” that included 11W and 25E to Cumberland Gap. It was built on the pre-existing Indian trail called the Great Cherokee Warpath. US11W was also incorporated into State Route 1; the first paved state road, built in 1915 from Bristol to Memphis and it was the Lee Highway during the time of named roads. But, much of that old road and the old town of Bean Station were flooded and relocated in 1941 when Cherokee lake was impounded. Your time on 11W is brief however, because 11W veers away from US25 E to head down the Richland Valley toward the county seat, Rutledge.

Those heading for the assembly area stay on US25E and begin the climb up Clinch Mountain to Veterans’ Overlook near the top of the mountain. Enjoy the view.

We will leave Veterans’ Overlook a little after 9AM crossing the mountain and going down hill and turn left (south) onto Bullen Valley Road, just before US25E crosses part of Norris Lake. On Bullen Valley Road we will go about 4.5 miles west-southwest turning right onto Cracker Neck Road for about 1 ½ miles. Shortly after a “hidden road entrance” sign we turn right onto Log Mountain Road.

We will group up before making this easy to miss turn. Newly paved, this narrow curvy road reminds me of mountain roads in Colorado - no guard rails, so we’ll keep the speed down, but it’s worth it to get to Dutch Valley Rd on the other side of Log Mountain where we follow the rail line down to Liberty Hill passing old churches and an old wooden schoolhouse.

Dutch Valley Road terminates with Tater Valley Road to your right and Cracker Neck Road to your left. Turn left and after a short distance turn right at the Petticoat Junction General Store onto Washburn Road. As one might guess, Washburn Road leads to Washburn, the largest town on this side of the county. At Washburn, we will turn right onto SR131 and proceed west-southwest to Joppa Mountain Road the only pass across Clinch Mountain southwest of the US25E pass we took earlier.

Joppa Mountain Road is longer, wider and curvier than Log Mountain Rd. and has guardrails. As soon as we get off the mountain we will turn right onto Highland Springs Road. This road reminds me of the British country lanes you see in old movies from the 50’s and 60’s. It’s very pretty. At this point we are going down Poor Valley, named so because of the relatively thin and poor soil quality resulting from the breakdown of the Chattanooga Shale that underlies it. We will stay in this picturesque valley by turning onto Lea Lake Road that will take us past Lea Lake, site of a famous 19th century resort hotel.

We ultimately leave this small valley at Blaine, turning right (southbound) on US11W for about two miles. There’s a Food City in Blaine, if a fuel or bathroom break is needed we can go about a mile down US11W and stop there.

At the Blaine Post Office, we will turn east onto Indian Ridge Road which will take us 2 ½ miles to Richland Creek and the community of Richland, so named because, you guessed it, the soil is deep and rich (compared to Poor Valley). There we cross a one lane arch bridge that was built by the WPA in the 30’s.

After the bridge Indian Ridge Road turns sharply to the left while Nance Ferry Road goes straight. We stay on Indian Ridge Road to the Holston River and then back up again eventually passing Indian Cave Road, the route to one of Grainger County’s historic tourist sites – Indian Cave. But, we’ll stay on Indian Ridge until it terminates on Owl Hole Gap Road. Turn right onto Owl Hole Gap Road and go .6 miles to a small parking lot at Buffalo Springs on your right (just past Game Farm Road) where a standpipe allows people to fill water barrels in trucks. We’ll stop there to regroup at the spring and appreciate the beauty of the waterfall. (And get wet, if you so desire.)

Roads that cross from valley to valley in this part of the county have at least one thing in common - curves, and Owl Hole Gap is no exception. It terminates at State Route 92 where we turn right and go about a mile to State Route 375, Lakeshore Drive. There’s a gas station with pure gas there. Turn left onto Lakeshore Drive (SR 375) which runs along Cherokee Lake back up to our starting point at US25E. But, about 4.5 miles off of SR 92 on Lakeshore we will turn onto Wani-Village Rd. to go to Alan and Jane Birdsall’s home for a cookout. After the cookout, those heading to points north can go up Lakeshore Road (SR 375) the 13.4 miles back to US 25E. Those heading south can go back to SR 92 and turn left to pass Cherokee Dam on the way to Jefferson City and 11E. Happy Motoring!

Larry Peck


Grainger County Tour Pics

Contributor - Eddie Ballard



Jim Neidert

Our members are greatly saddened by the untimely death of Jim Neidert who was killed in a tragic accident with his lawn tractor on November 19. Jim and his wife Susanne have been such good and loyal members, and Jim will be missed by all of us.

Drive to Clinch Mountain Winery April 18, 2009

Eleven cars from two clubs participated in this drive in perfect top-down convertible weather. View pictures and read about it on the Past Events page.

April British Car Fools Bash April 4, 2009

British car enthusiasts from seven clubs came together in this year's annual multi-club event on a gorgeous day at the top of Panther Creek State Park. View pictures and read about it on the Past Events page.

Ann Kern

Members of both East Tennessee MG Drivers Club and Appalachian British Car Society were saddened by the death of a member and dear friend, Ann Kern, wife of Paul Kern, president of the Appalachian British Car Society. A memorial service was held for her on Saturday, January 10, 2009 at St Paul's Episcopal Church in Kingsport, Tennessee, and friends were received at the Kern home afterwards. Paul requested that club members drive their British cars to the memorial service, and at least fifteen of them were gathered in the parking area that was reserved for them at the church.

Mark Whitt

It is with great sadness that we remember the passing of our first President and Co-Founder of ETMGDC, Mark Whitt, who died May 6, 2007. He was survived by his wife Sandy, son Travis, and his parents Walter and Jo Ann Whitt. Mark was greatly talented as a British car mechanic and restorer. He was a great asset to our club as leader, adviser, and friend. He is sorely missed.